About our Center


Our Urology Center has been designed to offer our patients the best care in a pleasant and secure environment.

We are located downtown of the city of Oujda, next to the mythical high school of Omar Ben Abdelaziz (Omar moderne).

This is where the 4 major axes of Oujda meet: * The north entrance if you arrive from Ahfir, Berkane, Nador or Saidia, * The south entrance when arriving from Jerada, Bouarfa or Figuig, * the door West from El Aioun or Taourirt and finally * East at the border with Algeria.

It is important to note that there is generally no difficulty for parking in front of our Center.

Our practice is fully computerized with an electronic medical record. The computer system is secured in order to preserve the medical confidentiality of our patients. No other person has access to your data, not even assistants and secretaries.

Hygiene is a top priority for us. We have adopted the strictest standards to prevent the transmission of nosocomial diseases. These measures have been reinforced with the Covid pandemic.

We systematically change the sheets between 2 patients, dispensers of hydro-alcoholic solutions are available in all rooms, our staff is trained and attentive …

We listen to your comments and suggestions. Thank you for helping us to improve a little more every day.

Clinique au Maroc
chirurgien urologue à Oujda

Our Commitments



Whatever your illness, our role is to listen to you.


We are committed to ensuring you :


  • A pleasant and personalized welcome.
  • Clean and comfortable premises.
  • The guarantee of respect for medical confidentiality.
  • A dedicated, available and welcoming staff.
  • Reasonable and transparent fees.
  • To feel accompanied and supported.
  • Your surgeon can be reached, if necessary, on the emergency number.
Docteur ZAIRI Mohammed Anas